South Central Farmer's Cooperative


Community Supported Agriculture is a way in which urban dwellers (like me) can buy fresh organic produce and support local farms by way of a weekly or monthly vegetable box subscription. In short, you order a CSA box from a local supplier and they deliver fresh, local, seasonal produce to a predetermined drop off location.


Investing in a CSA is a positive step for everyone involved. The subscriber receives fresh food weekly. The farmer has a consumer base close to home. This food is locally sourced (minimizing the environmental impact of purchasing produce that has been driven, flown, or shipped nationally or internationally), organically grown (ensuring a pesticide free meal), and seasonal, which is a pretty big deal if you profess any allegiance to natural, primal, paleo, clean, eco-friendly eating. Yes, it would be AMAZING if everyone could grow their own organic vegetables on the homestead… but let’s be real. Most urban dwellers are not agriculturally inclined. CSA’s make it possible to help close the gap between grower and consumer. It’s no secret that this gap is vast in many American homes, but hopefully if CSA cooperatives, farmer’s markets, and community gardens gain popularity, the dividing wall ¬†between urban life and farm life will start to crumble.


South Central Farmer’s Cooperative

My Box

Delivery Locations include (check website for full list) :

  • Eagle Rock Farmer’s Market
  • Whole Foods Market on Arroyo Parkway
  • Knox Presbyterian Church in Pasadena
  • South Pasadena Farmer’s Market


Sliding Scale starting from $20/week box (will feed a single/couple for 2 weeks or 4 people for 1 week)

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