This one’s a doozy. Mostly because I had school today, which means there were 8 meals/snacks prepared for us for final presentations.

Here we go:

7:30am – yoga and coconut water. followed by an Americano at Verve Coffee.

10 am – SCHOOL! tea, 1 oz. serving of a papaya, flax, ginger, and coconut yogurt smoothie

11 am – 1 avocado, 3 kumquats, 1 handful blueberries

12 pm – 1/2 c. egg salad with roasted squash

1 pm – (seriously, on the hour… every hour) 2 oz. of an endive, avocado, grapefruit salad and 1 oz. of a pureed greens soup.

2:30 pm – Nori, lettuce, avocado, carrots, pickles, tomatoes  all wrapped in different combinations.

3:30 pm -WORK! 1/2 raw beet, handful of almonds, handful of cashews

6 pm – more leftover ceviche with cucumber slices, orange

6:30 pm – a few pinches of coconut flakes

9 pm – apple

Just for fun, here’s all the things that I had to turn down today at school and work since they are not PALEO:

lentil coconut curry, Greens with a miso dressing, chicken and brown rice dolmas, Gluten-Free crackers, Brown rice medley, Chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate and dried fruit candies, rice and nut burgers, tempeh and brown rice sushi rolls, lemon bread, brownies with frosting, sesame honey almonds. 

This may seem like a seriously random food day, but i assure you, this is a pretty typical Santa Cruz day for me.

Willpower won today, and to be honest, so did the looming thought that I would have to post this tonight. This week is good for accountability.